Review: Purgatory by Ken Bruen


PurgatoryPurgatory by Ken Bruen (Mysterious Press, 2013), Jack Taylor series

Jack Taylor is back. A former cop living in Galway, he’s been through a lot lately and has somehow managed to come out of it clearheaded, off the booze, the drugs, and the cigarettes. But as always with Jack, the quiet times never last.

A vigilante killer is targeting criminals in Galway. When the courts let them go, C33 steps in, making sure to send a cryptic message to Jack to inform him of these plans—and almost certainly to invite him to join in. But Jack’s done with all that; he’s more focused on his private life. He’s got a high-paying assignment from the man who’s going to rescue Galway from the economic doldrums, he’s met an intriguing woman whose literary name-dropping is almost as effortless as his own, and Jack is content to let his friend Stewart—a one-time drug dealer who is now a Zen master—track down the elusive C33. But of course it’s never that easy for Jack, and just when he thinks things are going pretty well, everything falls apart—and when they do, Jack can always be relied on to make the most self-destructive choices possible.

As with previous books in the series, the central mystery isn’t really the heart of the story, and that’s fine. There’s so much else going on—witty interplay between characters, Taylor’s irreverent observations, the noir feeling that permeates the writing—that I was drawn in immediately and disappointed when the book ended. This might be my favorite book in the series thus far!

This book was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

My rating: 4 stars


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