Review: Hunger by Michael Grant


HungerHunger by Michael Grant (Egmont UK, 2010)


Blurb: It’s been three months since everyone under the age of fifteen became trapped in the bubble known as the FAYZ. Things have only gotten worse. Food is running out, and each day more kids are developing supernatural abilities. Soon tension rises between those with powers and those without, and when an unspeakable tragedy occurs, chaos erupts. It’s the normals against the mutants, and the battle promises to turn bloody.
But something more dangerous lurks. A sinister creature known as the Darkness has begun to call to the survivors in the FAYZ. It needs their powers to sustain its own. When the Darkness calls, someone will answer–with deadly results.


I’m still enjoying this series. The characters are interesting and the problems are real–a bunch of kids living in a world with no adults, cut off from the rest of the world and dealing with sudden new powers and inequalities is not going to be a happy place. It’s a setup that’s perfect for exploring conflict.

One of the things I continue to enjoy about these books is the realism of the kids’ plight: They would run out of food. And they wouldn’t necessarily understand why that is and what to do about it. Also, the breakneck pacing that made the first book so exciting continues here. There’s a lot of action, and while there are instances of downtime, they’re more of the “eye of the hurricane” variety rather than slow interludes that bog down the action.

For a plot-driven book, the characters have a lot of depth and vulnerability. They’re all individuals, most of them with their own motives and ambitions, although alliances do form, and break, and re-form. I was worried that I’d lose track of who was who, but they are unique, so it’s not a problem.

As the series continues, the lines continue to blur between good guys and bad guys, and right and wrong. I’m very happy I waited until this year to start reading, because I’ve got all the books and don’t have to endure a long wait between installments!

My rating: 4 stars


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