Exodus by Julie Bertagna


ExodusExodus by Julie Bertagna (Pan MacMillan, 2003)

Blurb: Mara’s island home is drowning as the ice caps melt and Earth loses its land to the ocean. But one night, in the ruined virtual world of the Weave, Mara meets the mysterious Fox a fiery-eyed boy who tells her of sky cities that rise from the sea.

Mara sets sail on a daring journey to find a new life for herself and her friends – instead she discovers a love that threatens to tear her apart.

I’m not entirely certain how I want to rate this book. I love dystopian novels, and the world building in this one was very well done. Unlike Hunger Games or Divergent, the focus here was on the earth itself and not so much on a repressive society or government; the polar ice caps have melted, most of the land is gone, and a teenage girl struggles to save her friends and family when their island is swallowed up. I enjoyed this in the way I enjoyed Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea trilogy: not as much action, more introspection and interaction. But I enjoy slower-paced books sometimes, so the relative lack of action didn’t bother me as much as it might have done. I’m looking forward to the next two books.

My rating: 4 stars


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